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IOT Dog sensor

An IOT project using a few Adafruit micro-controllers to alert us when the dog needs to go outside. She rings the bell, and we get an audio playback in our room letting us know she needs to go out.

Featured Shapr3D Case Study

It turns out that the awesome folks over at Shapr3D saw the work I did on my 3d printed mute holder and asked if I’d talk to them about it. They were looking at ways to highlight how different people were using Shapr3D in different ways and it seems like I was one of the few people that taking their designs and actually having them printed.

3D Design on the iPad: First Project

Who knew you could do CAD on the new iPad Pros? I dive into CAD and 3D printing with my iPad Pro using Shapr3D, and awesome and easy to use iOS app.