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3d printed porg complete

3D Printed Porg

I was so excited by the fun little character in the latest Star Wars movie trailer that I decided to make my own 3D printed Porg model to sit on my desk.

IOT Dog sensor

An IOT project using a few Adafruit micro-controllers to alert us when the dog needs to go outside. She rings the bell, and we get an audio playback in our room letting us know she needs to go out.

3d printed skeleton arm

3D Printed Skeleton Arm

While I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year, I did manage to get in on a little bit of the fun. Thingiverse put on their 2017 Costume Contest and I figured I’d give it a go. I designed, printed, and assemble this 3d printed armature.

3D Printed Bike Badge

3D Printed Bike Badge

My co-worker Bob asked if I could take the badge on the front of his bike and make a custom one with the logo of our business on it. So I 3d printed one for him.

3D Printing with Wood Filament

3D Printing with Wood PLA

Learn some tips on 3d printing with Wood PLA filament and how you can finish it to improve the wood look.

3D Printed Phone Stand

A new 3d printed tool to hopefully show the process better of how these 3d prints are done. I didn’t design this, but I’m hoping I can get some great time-lapse videos using it.

From Flat to Physical: 3D Printing a Logo

An overview of how I take a 3d logo and make a 3D printed sign for a friend. This goes over the technical process of making a logo 3d as well as 3d printing and finishing techniques.

DIY 3D Printed Christmas Decorations

It’s the holidays again. It’s getting cold (even here in Arizona), Christmas music is playing, and I’ve found it’s a pretty good excuse to use the 3d printer for some DIY christmas decorations.

Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printer

A collection of tips and tricks I’ve found to help ensure your 3d printer runs smoothly and produces quality prints.

Custom Mute Holder Version 2

Take 2! I’ve revisited my custom 3d printed mute holder so make it smaller, print easier, and collapse for easy storage.