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I'm Steven Quinn and in my free time you can find me doing 3d printing, working with micro-controllers, or just finding something DIY to do. Follow along below on my various projects.

3D Printing with Wood PLA

Learn some tips on 3d printing with Wood PLA filament and how you can finish it to improve the wood look.

Portland Mini Makerfaire

An overview of my time at the 2017 Portland Mini Makerfaire, and really any sort of Makerfaire event. There was 3D printing, forging, crafts, cooking, astronomy, and even a working Tesla coil.

3D Printed Phone Stand

A new 3d printed tool to hopefully show the process better of how these 3d prints are done. I didn’t design this, but I’m hoping I can get some great time-lapse videos using it.

Switching to Simplify 3D

I finally bite the bullet and move from the various free 3d slicers and spend some money on Simplify 3D. Read this review on why I’ve never looked back after that purchase.

Animatronic Arduino Dr. Seuss Door

I wanted to make sure my wife’s classroom had the coolest door for their Dr. Seuss door decorating contest. What’s that mean? A little paper, a little foam, and a lot of Arduino.

From Flat to Physical: 3D Printing a Logo

An overview of how I take a 3d logo and make a 3D printed sign for a friend. This goes over the technical process of making a logo 3d as well as 3d printing and finishing techniques.

DIY 3D Printed Christmas Decorations

It’s the holidays again. It’s getting cold (even here in Arizona), Christmas music is playing, and I’ve found it’s a pretty good excuse to use the 3d printer for some DIY christmas decorations.

Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printer

A collection of tips and tricks I’ve found to help ensure your 3d printer runs smoothly and produces quality prints.

Custom Mute Holder Version 2

Take 2! I’ve revisited my custom 3d printed mute holder so make it smaller, print easier, and collapse for easy storage.

Designing a 3D Printed Poop Bag Holder

Maybe not the most glorious of projects but it’s practical. I take on the design challenge of making a fun custom 3d printed bag holder for walking the dog.